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cher is now a racist, fascist, trumpist


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>every word capitalised


well, she is a jew. therefore, she is all of those things by default


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Comfy greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST - Discord Shills)
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plastik peenis
t. zizek


what's even the appeal of Discord anyway? literally every single one I've seen was a shitty circlejerk posting about internet drama 24/7


we live in a society

discord is basically irc but for teen gamers who can't use computers properly oh it also spies on you


>Implying teenagers even play vidya games anymore
they just watch some fag on Twitch play the game for them


pretty much this. e-celeb thots and PubicPie


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Post ti


post ti 76chan.tk




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>tfw no qt supercomputer gf


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76/int/ is now more active than it was in its last 4 to 6 months of activity after coming back after being ded for over a year. explain that athiests. can we actually get enough users to stay regularly active?


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10 posts today. I think that's a new record.
I'm just hoping that people will hear it's back over time. Some people have been shilling, but I haven't really done much in the way of advertising.
I hope that it will actually get more active eventually.


I guess all we have currently is like, 4 or 5 epic oldfigs but maybe with some more shilling we can attract new users (and maybe some old ones who haven't heard we're back yet)


>10 posts today. I think that's a new record
Lol. I know you weren't around for it but 76 int was so ded like a month after you left onward it would go numerous days with like a single post or none. So by the standard of it just being back it's doing good
Assemble the oldfags today we remind them of the great caturdays and fallen warriors of chanology. They dont make a pepe cool enough for this


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astronomers detected the first kind of molecule to have existed


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>noble gas



dude i created that meme pay me royalties for each time you post it


10,00 BRL have been deposited to your account


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soon the marxists will be calling certain pistols (((assault pistols))). you heard it hear 1st


Ban assault liberals


I always find it pretty funny how "liberal" in US politics terminology means the exact opposite of what the word itself actually means


it's funny how commies here hate on liberals constantly but now aut-right is adopting american vocab and is also hating on liberals


lel, I guess it's just the new word for "people I don't like" in that case


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id pull the lever for the lower people if the one at the top was a person of color and not regret it for a damned second


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>not killing both


daily reminder that meds are not wh*te


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dis my lunch i still hungry


>Wild Turkey 101
bretty good bourbon tbh fam


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File: 1555514484750.jpg (40.26 KB, 640x360, Former Peru President Alan….jpg)


>Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia dead after shooting himself in the head before arrest
What did they mean by this?


>Odebrecht scandal
Fun fact: Odebrecht had an entire bureaucratic department with employees paid to handle its bribery operations


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>have we started the fire?
<yes… the fire rises!


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File: 1555369289098-1.jpg (104.29 KB, 1123x702, IMG_20190416_010005.jpg)

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>YouTube’s ‘conspiracy filter’ tags Notre Dame fire videos with 9/11 info


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Nigeria v India 99-1: You remember dis match?

E no matter when dem born you, or where dem born you for Nigeria, you go don hear about one ogbonge match between Nigeria, where di Indians beat Nigeria 99-0.

Dis match dey so popular sotay everybodi remember am, even if nobodi don watch am.

Whether you dey Nasarawa, Abuja or Ekiti, e fit bi your mama, cousin, uncle, neighbour or papa na im go nack you tori about di match.

Oluwashina Okeleji wey bi BBC tori person say: "depending on wetin your uncle tell you, na different scoreline sef."

Though na different version of dis match different people dey talk, all of dem gree say di Indians get chance to score all dis plenty goals because dem use juju, wey be black magic.

Some people tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Olubunmi Okunnu say: "when dem (di Indians) dey take dia shot dem go see lion," others say na rock and stone people dey see.

But na different names of players dem call as pipo wey score goal. Some say na Teslim 'Thunder' Balogun, some say na Samuel Okwaraji and odas, Rashidi Yekini.
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Thanks to illu from https://finalchan.net/ we now have an irc again. It's on irc://irc.76chan.tk and it's linked with irc.meme.sale. Channel is #76chan
Now we can have a dead irc channel where it's just me idling and nothing else just like old times
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Yeah it's always dead that's just how 76chan goes


File: 1555347818309.jpg (32.75 KB, 500x375, IMG_20190413_180040.jpg)


let's invade uhh freech


File: 1555354425711.png (139.18 KB, 600x700, 3971.png)

>check freech
>it's actually still up
ayy lmao, wonder if Oyyman succeeded in his goal of becoming an qt trap?


I believe he's a fervent christian now


File: 1554856717902.png (1.16 MB, 830x1960, water leak in the commons.png)


>Members of the press were removed from the gallery, as water was seen cascading down concrete walls and through light fittings at the back of the chamber.
Absolutely Third World tier, Britain's government can't maintain the very building on which it holds sessions of Parliament
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I'd have preferred him to just rejoin UKIP rather than dividing the voters, still nice to see him return to politics though
I guess the party already has a history of /pol/ shitposters running after both Milo and Raheem Kassam, so it's not that strange


>A new clause added into the 2019 Act makes it an offence to "view (or otherwise access) any terrorist material online", which also covers, for instance, streaming content.

Oi m8 you got a loicense for those dank ISIS nasheed .mp3s?


We seem to have some kind of "it's okay if you're Muslim" rule with that kinda thing anyway. Not much is done about them discriminating against Jews and homosex while it is if a h'wite person does the same.


and now I hear Dankula, Count of Gasthejews is running too


do you have immunity as member of the EU parliament?


File: 1554587603632.jpg (7.75 KB, 296x170, index.jpg)


what are you gonna dude about it


do not say that here
this is a politically correct imageboard and we do not tolerate that kind of hate speech


nytuh xyulo


reported to Obama


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