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cher is now a racist, fascist, trumpist


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>every word capitalised


well, she is a jew. therefore, she is all of those things by default

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Comfy greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST - Discord Shills)
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plastik peenis
t. zizek


what's even the appeal of Discord anyway? literally every single one I've seen was a shitty circlejerk posting about internet drama 24/7


we live in a society

discord is basically irc but for teen gamers who can't use computers properly oh it also spies on you


>Implying teenagers even play vidya games anymore
they just watch some fag on Twitch play the game for them


pretty much this. e-celeb thots and PubicPie

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Post ti


post ti 76chan.tk




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>tfw no qt supercomputer gf


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soon the marxists will be calling certain pistols (((assault pistols))). you heard it hear 1st


Ban assault liberals


I always find it pretty funny how "liberal" in US politics terminology means the exact opposite of what the word itself actually means


it's funny how commies here hate on liberals constantly but now aut-right is adopting american vocab and is also hating on liberals


lel, I guess it's just the new word for "people I don't like" in that case

File: 1555247522658.mp4 (14.88 MB, 1280x720, aP4LxOd3z86evAEw.mp4)


How can people this soyed even exist


is that whole soy/estrogen meme actually true? if so i'm fucked
t. eats Chinese food erryday


chinks eat mainly fermented soy products, this destroys most of phytoestrogene
t. knower




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pape thread?


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i'm using these right now, first for lockscreen and second for my desktop


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I don't have much but here's some vidya-related ones I have from browsing /v/ a while back

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Hey fags, I work here so I guess shilling is cool. Check out grimchan.xyz and maybe help it not be dead as hell. Thanks, cucks.
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bitch I'm admin

ackshually there's more

yeah obviously


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File: 1554778006132-1.png (123.99 KB, 500x516, that-wasnt-very-cash-money….png)

File: 1554778006133-2.png (123.99 KB, 500x516, that-wasnt-very-cash-money….png)

File: 1554778006133-3.png (123.99 KB, 500x516, that-wasnt-very-cash-money….png)

File: 1554778006133-4.png (123.99 KB, 500x516, that-wasnt-very-cash-money….png)

Isnt shilling on a small chan for another small chan kind of an exercise in futility? I love small chans but if they dont have a community of at least a few dedicated posters what's the point? I'd probs post on grimchan if it had enough of a thing going to get even 400 or 500 posts a day going. As is it's just another chan without a community I have like 10 other choices for this. Should I populate tpbchan or something by myself with proxies? Like give me a reason to post there other than its ded nigga


I mean, as I said only reason I'm shilling here was dddudeman suggesting so and allowing me to. I wouldn't want to otherwise, I delete spam from here all day after all.




woof owo

File: 1553993354890.jpg (118.42 KB, 697x960, a02da49d0c22f1e7f6202f3b65….jpg)



i luv girl cock


File: 1554008367261.jpg (90.52 KB, 640x480, be-careful_o_2894085.jpg)

go on!?


girl benis in my butte makes it feel funny and when i make poopy woopy it rubs up on girl cock and makes it feel guuuuud


File: 1554504535584-0.webm (1.92 MB, 480x852, 1548804663805.webm)

File: 1554504535584-1.gif (1.82 MB, 317x317, 1553103107309-1.gif)

eww tr*nnies

tfw no bf (female) tho


>implying benis isn't more aesthetic
no homo btw

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me r8

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High Alch yourselves n00b fgts

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