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Feels weird, doesn't it?

well this is weird — by dddudeman at 03/31/19 (Sun) 00:39:46

I've been missing 76chan recently. I originally wanted to just make a memorial page, but a few people said I should put vichan on this domain, so fuck it, let's try this again.

I guess it's kind of redundant, but even though sportschan exists, it doesn't really have the same feel. I don't know if this ever will either. Eventually, I'll probably move the smaller sportschan boards over here and leave sportschan for just /sp/ to have their own domain.

I will never be able to have 76chan.org back though, because it's parked and they want $500 for it. I miss it, but I don't $500 miss it.

I'm still adding the old 76chan things. I missed this name. I hope the people who weren't /sp/ people still remember it.