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fucking gooks, here on 76chan we only speak American

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daily reminder

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My name is Hayao Miyazaki and this is my story:
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I found myself in the alleyways of Akiba. I so badly wanted to taste the sweet, red nectar of a dying Otaku. I want to scream in the face of one: ANIME WAS A FUCKING MISTAKE!! I want to watch as their world view is shattered, as the inventor of anime and a demigod of this Earth crushes their hope of being a respectable human being by reminding them that they partake in the most devious and wicked of all hobbies, the greatest sin and fucking mistake humanity has ever committed. Anime. Anime… ANIME. How I loath you, Anime.

Finally I saw him. A creature so vile, so putrid I had a hard time seeing him as human. He was fate, atleast 300 lb, height around 5'4. Between his greasy, unwashed reptilian fingers he held four heavy bags, likely filled with all kinds of expensive Anime merch. What a fucking mistake of a purchase. He was dressed in filthy, ill-fitting clothes. The dumpster next to him smelled nicer than his foul stench. I had found my target at last.

I was prepared. I had my hand on the razor knife in my left pocket, slowly approaching the cockroach. He seemed too excited about his purchases to notice me. Perfect, all of the conditions have been set. Finally, they will see Anime for what it truly is.


I pounced. A quick strike to his spinal cord and he collapsed like a house of cards. Never before in my life had I smiled so intensely, not even when I first invented Anime with the hope of creating a wholesome medium for artists to present their stories did I feel so good. The Otaku was on the cement, squirming quite pathetically. I took advantage of the situation and began destroying all of his merchandise in front of him. I started with the games and the anime discs, crushing them beneath my shoes. Then, I moved on to the figures. Oh, how I despise those figures, monuments to my fucking mistake. I broke them apart and crushed them into dust. His anguish at the sight of his precious toys being destroyed only furthered my bloodlust."

"At this point he was lying on the floor, completely defeated. How quickly these Otaku crumble, truly a testament to their worth as 'human beings'. I turned to him, and pulled out my sharpest pencils. I had six of them. The first two I plunged into his hands, the pungent sound of squishy flesh delighted my ears, as did the sight of his spastic movements. I then turned him over, quite a feat for an old man like myself, considering his weight, and I forced two more pencils into his pupils. By this point he was close to death, so I finished the job, shoved the other two pencils into his ears, and departed from the alleyway. "

"My whole body was shivering during the aftermath. Not out of fear but excitement. The scent of his crimson blood still lingered in my nostrils. Never before had I felt so exhilarating an experience, I could definitely get used to this, I thought. My Otaku Genocide Crusade begins, here, and not a single Otaku is worth saving. Anime, was a fucking mistake.


It was a seemingly calm afternoon. I was idly strolling through the streets, taking in the scenery, seeing the happy couples, and in this serenity, for a short time, I found myself able to forget about the horrifying curse known as "anime" that ever torments my mind. That was when I saw him… it. I saw it. Black nails. Colored lenses. Frilly garments. I heard it speak, its voice a cacophony from the very depths of hell. I saw its erratic movements, a dance so macabre as to resemble a demon summoning its kin from the underworld. My day, which earlier seemed to be the best I would have that week, had quickly taken its turn for the worse… the worst.
I felt a disgust so intense, the acidity of vomit welled up in my gut, and into my mouth. I thought to release it right then and there, but luckily I could maintain my composure, even in the presence of such a repulsive creature. My mind was clouded, my vision distorted. It would be an understatement to say I had lost control of my senses. I was reduced to the state of a lowly beast, with nothing in its heart but the blackest of rage. Rage against those who would sully my work so. Rage against those who would turn my creations into the lowest manifestations of their mangled, disturbed psyches. Rage against those who had betrayed me, and for their greedy purposes would enable such vile elements of society to exist, thrive and walk among us. Tears welled up in my eyes, and through a liquid veil I could see my body moving, as if on its own accord.


It all happened quickly. It obliviously went into an alley, and without a moment of hesitation I gave chase. Deep into this dark, urban inlet, I powerfully kicked the beast on its back, sending it tumbling against the trash bins. When it turned and showed me its horrified countenance, I could feel the strength of a thousand fallen warriors fueling me. I realized that certainly, our ancestors despise these beings as much as I do; and I was to be their instrument of justice. As it tried to get up in order to flee, as is expected of such cowardly individuals, I again showed it my foot, this time to its face. It fell onto the ground, and quickly I drew my pocket knife. How it found its way so quickly into the beast's throat impresses me to this day. As its wretched blood painted the ground, walls and my own clothes, I could hear people drawing near. With no time to spare, I wrote on the wall, directly above the corpse, a message that would let them know it wasn't over. Let them know the reason for what was to come. To let them fear my next move. My work was far from over, and I made this known to all who dare to sully the honor of the Japanese people with their folly. As I fled from the scene, with great satisfaction and the feeling of a fulfilled duty, this proof I left behind me:



TOP kek, wtf is this larp??

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At the top is Mio. She is the coolest in the band, she has an awesome voice and she seems pretty chill to hang around with. All in all she has the platonic qualities that suit me well in a partner while still being someone enough like me so I could be friends with her. She is also super cute. Then there is Azusa. She is cute but her personality would get on my nerves from a waifu perspective. I can't handle people who take life to seriously. She's pretty cool though. Then there's Ritsu. She's cool but seems like a lot of energy. She likes to mess around and all of that and I like that in a person. She's platonic tier, but relationship? eh. Yui. What else can I say? She's cute and cool but at the end of the day I'd be her carer. I don't want that. Tsumugi. She's the kind of rich I don't mind. Chill, relaxed and all over cool. Awesome personality. Would be friends with/10. She is super kawaii desu ne~ forgive me it was a joke but, again, a platonic thing. I'd like to be friends with her very much. Obviously the rest of the cast aren't up in the top five, but it goes like this: the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift, and all who disagree with me are fucking normies


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never 4get



1 isn't the post number, it's the post rank

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