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Thanks to illu from https://finalchan.net/ we now have an irc again. It's on irc://irc.76chan.tk and it's linked with irc.meme.sale. Channel is #76chan
Now we can have a dead irc channel where it's just me idling and nothing else just like old times
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Yeah it's always dead that's just how 76chan goes

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what are you gonna dude about it


do not say that here
this is a politically correct imageboard and we do not tolerate that kind of hate speech


nytuh xyulo


reported to Obama


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Need somewhere to go? Feel like you're lost in space? Shed those feelings and make friends, on the Astronauts discord!
https://discord.gg/c2rhD4X(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


kys you fucking gays


good, (((discord))) is gay af. later OP, go back to (((8ch)))

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Here we go again.
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One of the things that I liked that we had at one point on 76chan was the radio. I don't remember if anyone used it at all even but it was fun so I set it back up. Eventually I'll allow mp3 uploads but at this point I don't really know how to go about doing that.


good playliste


I was thinking after the downtime earlier that it might be worth setting up a bunker in case the site gets killed again, or just for shitposting during downtimes. Maybe just make a board on 8ch or endchan?


8chan has /76chan/ already yeah


oh, I figured that it would probably have been deleted by now but I guess it's still up

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This has been the cause of the downtime. Everything should be sorted out now.

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Nuke this and install Lynx


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Yeah lynxchan works reeeeally well!!


fuck off stephenlynx

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